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Puppy Roadmap

Puppy Roadmap

Week #1

We usually announce that the puppies have been born 1 or 2 days after they have actually been born, because we usually have to pull an all-nighter when delivering puppies. The puppy pictures will be taken in group photos (usually 2 photos separated by gender) until their eyes open after two weeks.


Mio/Furber litter pictures

Week #2

Nothing really happens at two weeks. We will update the pictures on the website (usually still group photos) and sometimes you can see the puppies' eyes just starting to open.

Zoe2-4-Adzuki 2wks.jpg

Adzuki (Zoe Furber litter)

Week #3

At 3 weeks the puppies' eyes are usually now open. This is when we switch to posting individual pictures on the website. The puppies at this age are just beginning to crawl and starting to explore.

W5-5-3weeks-Pico de gallo.JPG

Pico de Gallo (Wendsleydale/Quincy Litter)

Week #4

At 4 weeks the puppies' eyes and ears are now both fully open and they can walk short distances without stumbling. 4-5 weeks is the time their little baby teeth start poking through, which means it is time to begin giving them soft food.

Zoe1-feedinf at 4 weeks.jpg
Oob1-3-4 wks WaHoo.jpg

Zoe Litter

Week #5

5 weeks is an important time. We are weaning them to solid foods and teaching them to use the doggy door to go potty outside.

Zoe2-5-Filbert 5.5wks.jpg

Week #6

At 6 weeks probably the most things happen. First, this is the week that everyone who has reserved a puppy will get assigned their own puppy. Second, this is when the puppies start getting eating solid foods and using the doggy door. This is also the time their personalities really start to show (that is why we wait until now to choose puppies.)


Week #7

Every puppy who has been sold at this point will be marked with a sold sign on the website and we will no longer update the pictures of that puppy on the website. Instead, we will send a private email with the puppy picture and material to help you prepare for the puppy. 7 weeks is also when the puppies really start getting coordinated enough wrestle and play with each other.


Week #8

Something clicks in the puppies' minds at this age, they start preferring a lot more human attention instead of playing with their litter mates. This, combined with their physical age, makes 8 weeks the perfect time for them to go to their new homes.

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