Labradoodledoo's puppies

Labradoodledoo's puppies

-ALAA and WALA registered


-Doggy door trained by 8 weeks.

-2 year health/genetic guarantee see "Contract" 

-bred for wonderful temperament and excellent health


-standard and medium f2 and multigen.

-low/no shedding

-age appropriate vaccinations

-"mommy" toy (stuffed toy with actual "odor-de-mommy" smell on it)

-sold on spay/neuter contract

*Beware of puppies that are being sold at very low prices!

many labradoodle puppies are being poorly bred, ( breeding

dogs without proper testing), no registration papers,

or puppy mills with mistreated puppies :(

You get what you pay for.

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last edit 01/06/20

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Labradoodledoo will be taking a break for medical reasons.

We currently do not have any available puppies.

Please check back with us in 2020.

Father of litter


Mother of litter

Wensleydale is the sweetest dog ever! She is attentive, gentle and extremely patient with children.She has a low-maintenance, shed-free coat. Wensleydale has many service dogs in her lines.

Both Wensleydale and Lillo come from long lines of service and therapy dog with spectacular gentle, mellow temperaments, these puppies are sure to follow suit. Fall-2019/winter 2020

This will be Wensleydale's final litter.

Standard size puppies (35-45 lbs.) $2500

Labradoodledoo dogs are bred for mellow, confident temperaments, and excellent health. Most of our dogs have many generations of health testing behind them and many service/therapy dogs in their lines. 

Puppies re usually $2350-$2700. Since my program is so small, I only take deposits after the litter is bred. I keep a "call list" for up-coming litters. I email families on the call list when the litter is bred, but before it is posted on my web site (to give them a chance to place a deposit to hold a puppy if they would like to).


A dog's pregnancy is 2 months long, puppies are ready for their new homes 2 months after birth (4 months total from breeding-time to home :).

Specific puppy choices are made when puppies are 4 weeks of age.

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