Adopting a Puppy

The process of adopting a puppy shouldn't be confusing or overwhelming. That is why we created this handy dandy roadmap to clearly show you what you can expect when getting a Labradoodledoo puppy. If there is anything you have questions about please don't hesitate to contact us.

#1 Complete an Application

First you will have to fill out a Puppy Application Form here. We will get back to you within 72 hours letting you know if we have approved your application and to answer any questions you might have. If there are no current litters available you can opt to be put on a contact list for future liters.

#2 Pay Deposit

After we have talked together and you have decided you still want to go ahead with the puppy adoption process. You will have to pay a $500 deposit in order to reserve a puppy (this deposit will count towards the full price of the puppy.) However, you are not able to place a deposit on any puppy someone has already placed a deposit for or any puppy that hasn't been born yet.

#3 Patience

Now comes the hard part, waiting. During this time we will update the puppies' pictures on the website once a week (usually on the weekends.)

#4 Puppy Allocation

When the puppies are 6 weeks old we will match a specific puppy to you using your application and any conversation we have had with you. We believe that it is far more important to match the temperament of a dog to a family, rather than the color or gender of the dog. Therefore, all the puppies are chosen based on temperament and your preferred color and gender cannot be guaranteed.

#5 Final Preparations

After you know which puppy is going to be your little furry companion, the pictures will no longer be updated on the website. Instead, we will send you an email with updated pictures of your puppy, instructions on how to prepare for  your puppy, and a date and time to come and take your puppy home.

#6 Taking the Puppy Home

The puppies are finally 8 weeks old, which means it is time to take your puppy home! When you arrive your puppy will be exceedingly fluffy (since it just had a bath) and we will have a "go home" package made for the puppy containing: a week's worth of food, instructions on how to register the microchip, and a "stinky" toy which has the smell of all of the puppy's littermates on it. We will sign the sale contract and answer any final questions you might have. and your remaining balance will be due when you pick up your puppy