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We begin again...

Sandi's been recovering from a rather persistent fever, plus major exhaustion for the past 2 weeks, almost. We don't know what caused the fever, but it seems it was either an unknown virus, or possibly the tumor itself (which can happen sometimes). It is good that this mystery fever seems to be abating, even if not fully understood.

However, rather than catch a break as she begins to feel a bit better, Sandi went back to chemo today instead. We started the day off rough, late getting out of the house, had to wait in line at the post office (minor errand on the way to chemo), discovered we were out of gas so had to go the long way round to get gas. All of which made us even more late. All these little things can make a difficult situation harder. In the end, it all worked out as we basically just shifted everything about an hour later than originally planned.

After the requisite bloodwork, a visit with the doctor and a minor orientation, it was time to get back to the demon that is chemotherapy. I noticed several differences as to how the chemo is administered, relative to Sandi's previous experience. Before it was just, "Here's your chemo. Hope you don't get too sick. Have a nice day". Today, there were no less than three other supportive infusions. That, plus the adjusted dosages this time, and maybe the side effects will be not as difficult as before. The current medical team certainly seems much more concerned about Sandi as a person than the team we had the first time round.

Sandi met another person named Sandra today, who is also a cancer patient. Today was this person's first day of chemo ever. We more/less expect to see Sandra (the new one) each time we go in, as long as our schedule holds. I am always amazed when I see Sandi (my Sandi) reach out to comfort and help others who are in a situation similar to her, even when she feels weak or sick. I have no doubt that her sensitivity and encouragement to other patients has touched them, some deeply. One thing hanging around an oncology center makes you realize is that everyone has a story, and everyone there is facing serious uncertainty.


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