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The Gauntlet That Was Friday

The feeling that something was lurking around the corner for the past few days was, unfortunately, exactly correct.

Sandi woke me at 6AM this morning in serious stabbing pain. I gave her 2x her normal dose of rip-roaring pain med (which had zero effect) and called the hospice agency. They directed me to break into the special "Emergency Comfort Pack" we had stashed away to get some even stronger medication. By a little after 9AM, a wonderful angel named Rebecca had arrived from the hospice agency to assess Sandi and help me. We spent the next 7 hours fighting to get control of the level 11 pain that had gripped Sandi. This involved, I think 9 phone calls with her doctor. Eventually, after many increasing doses of morphine, we passed through the gauntlet got the pain tamped down enough that Sandi can rest.

We burned through all the morphine in the "emergency comfort pack" in just a few hours. We got more delivered just in time and I'm administering that now, though that will run out also soon. There is yet another delivery supposed to show up soon with a sufficient supply for at least a few days. I hope it gets here soon or we'll have a new problem...

We don't know precisely what has happened to cause this event, but we suspect it might be a perforated bowel. If this is correct, then she will be going to heaven soon. However, Sandi doesn't have a fever, even now 14 hours into the event. This fact may indicate something else might be happening. Time will tell.

For now, I'm giving her morphine every 60 to 90 minutes. I will need to do this through the night and into tomorrow. Tomorrow we will reassess, and may make a change to her long acting pain medicine, or experiment with lengthening out the dosage schedule, or ???. It all depends on what the next 18 hours bring.

Sandi is not up for any visitors or phone calls at this time. If that changes, I'll surely let you know. I will try to provide updates here in a timely manner, but honestly, it is not my highest priority as you can understand. I may be calling some of you in to help me tomorrow, as sooner or later I will have to sleep. In the meantime, we'll ride the rapids and wait to see what happens.


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