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Some updates

Hello everyone... I know many of you are still praying for us, and it has been some weeks since Sandi passed. I would be remiss if I didn't provide an update.

I and my family are doing better than I would have expected. We obviously miss Sandi every day. But, life doesn't stop. I know many of you would be particularly concerned about the girls. I did my best to prepare them as Sandi was getting closer to the end. They took part in all of the events surrounding her death. Amazingly, they seem to understand, at least in their own way. They are happy and have barely asked about momma at all.

The rest of us also seem to be hanging in there well. It will be a journey, I'm sure. ... but at least it is not as rough as I thought it might be, so far.

Also, I've chosen not to have a "virtual" memorial for Sandi. She would have hated that. My current thinking is that things will be opened up this summer, and we'll have a memorial outdoors somewhere, where people can actually be F2F and remember her properly. I will get the word out when I have a better idea when that will be.


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