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Sharpies and Tattoos

Sandi completed day 1 of 10 of radiation treatment today. Last week, when they did investigatory setup CT scan, she got a couple very tiny (pinpoint) tattoos to help them aim the radiation correctly. Today, they embellished their artwork with red sharpie... So now Sandi has some new belly art. Seriously, day one went pretty well. Sandi is scheduled for radiation M-F this week and next. Then she's done. We have decided to radiate both the surface tumor (which is the new one) and the pancreas which has been showing some signs that the cancer there might be reviving after being beaten back by chemo. Hopefully the radiation treatments will be very effective, and that the side effects will be minimal.

Also, today Sandi was scheduled for a port flush, because the past couple of infusions, when the nurse tried to draw back blood it didn't work very well. The port flush didn't happen though, because when the nurse tried it today, the port functioned perfectly. This is a small thing, but every hour spent in an infusion room is one hour too many. I know Sandi was very happy to get the hour expected to be used for the port flush back. She her reclaimed hour on the deck watching the girls swim in the pool, which was a far better use of her time.


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