• Kirk

Please pray for Sandi

Sandi had a CT scan 9/29. It showed nominal stability of her pancreas and the second site on her belly, both of which were radiated. However it also showed a small additional area of concern. Along with that result, her ca19 number was up a bit.. all in all, not what we hoped for.

Then, Tuesday night, Sandi had a major increase in pain, and spiked a pretty good fever. After consulting with her doctor, we went to the Dr to get checked out at the hospital. Another CT scan, blood tests. Nothing found.

Her fever is still present, though less. She has eaten very little. Now the doctor wants a covid test, so we're waiting in line for that.

the plan is to restart chemo Monday, but with a less aggressive potion so hopefully it won't be so bad, but that can't happen if she's still sick.

Sandi is very discouraged. Please lift her up in prayer. Comment on the blog, or email, or text to let her know you're praying for her.

Tough day.



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