• Kirk

No news is good news...

It's been a long time since our last blog post. This is actually good news. Sandi is still on her "chemo break", which means the tumor has given us no reason to end the break. We'll get another tumor marker number next week and we'll see if we get to continue with the wonderful break.

Still, pray for Sandi. The tumor is with her every minute of every day. Sandi has said numerous times that she really would like a day where she actually felt "good".

She continues 2x/week doing Vitamin C and ALA infusions. That takes about 5.5 hours round trip from home to do it, and it wipes her out so it basically costs 2 days a week + more depending on how long it takes to recover from it. That said, I believe this is what is keeping the tumor down. Totally worth it.



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