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Nine done

Bunch of updates...

Sandi completed her ninth cycle of chemo on Friday. It was delayed by one day due to scheduling issues, so she couldn't go in for her vit c and ALA infusion on Friday. The ALA helps her recover from chemo, so that delay made this past weekend tougher than normal. We're in for vit c and ALA today so hopefully that will help.

We haven't shared everything on the blog before, but after this week Sandi told me to update everything. When Sandi had the gastric bypass surgery in December, we learned that her cancer was metastatic. There are numerous tiny nodules in the peritenium. They took a sample of a couple and they tested positive for pancreatic cancer.

She also has a couple small dots showing on her CT scans in one of her vertebra as well as some liver involvement which are presumed to be metastasis also.

This means that medically, long term survival means the chemo needs to work completely. If course, God can heal by any means.

Her CT scans show stability and her declining tumor marker is encouraging. After 8 chemo cycles it is down again, this time down another 146 points to 251, which is almost 37% down from last time.

Another positive sign is that Sandi is no longer needing to take insulin. She has to be careful to keep her blood sugar from spiking to much, but it's diet controlled at this point.

... And, she can no longer feel the lump at the bottom of her rib cage.

Yet, when we were in to see Sandi's oncologist on Wednesday, the doctor couldn't manage to say an encouraging word at all. One thing that really matters in this, is hope. I don't believe her oncologist understands this and is more concerned about the eradication of false hope, even though in the process she risks the destruction of real hope. This was not necessary and has been as hard on Sandi as all of the rest of it.

Needless to say, we're in the process of changing oncologists. Hopefully that will all go smoothly and we'll be working with someone with a much more positive and compatible approach soon.


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