• Sandi

New quilt squares !!

Thank you so much Mary!! I had to separate the picture, they just wouldn't all fit onto one.

Thank you Mindy, Marcy, Becky! Thank you Betty, Glenda, Becky, Delsey, Clay and Abby!! Thank you Kathleen!! Your quilt squares are beautiful!!!!

What beautiful additions to the quilt. Construction of the actual quilt will start in about 2 weeks (after Feb 14th).

Yesterday's treatment went well, but took until almost 3:30PM to finish (my port must have been running it through slowly?) Tomorrow starts another ALA/C treatment at 9 AM. Thank you Toni for volunteering to bring me and spend Friday morning with me :). And thank you Seriah for the ride home :).

Feeling pretty good today after eating a most delicious pile of french toast, prepared by Thaxton, the world class chef (well, according to me anyways :). A quiet day at home with the kids :). Love it!

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