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It's been a while. Some news...

Well, it's been a really long time since I've posted anything here. That's because Sandi has been doing pretty well, so she's been on a an extended break from chemo or other heavyweight treatment since I think, March. We are grateful for this time. She's been continuing with Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) infusions 2 times a week, though she switched to oral ALA recently.

Sandi has spent her time over these months studying apologetics, and finding some fantastic speakers on YouTube. People like Ravi Zacharias, and John Lennox. Take some of your boredom from Covid 19 and look these guys up... You won't be sorry.

And something new to pray about... Regarding Sandi's cancer, there has been a new development. A new tumor has developed on Sandi's belly close to the skin at the location of the incision from her gastric bypass last year. This tumor is pretty small, but obviously must be dealt with. The plan is to do 10 sessions of directed radiation over 2 weeks time. Sandi's oncologist thinks that should zap it and get her back on track. Because it is shallow, they can angle the radiation to just skim across the surface which will limit her exposure and should limit any side effects as well. Since the radiation is only 2 weeks, so it is more like a sprint than a marathon (like chemo). Still, it's all a new experience so it's a bit of an unknown. If all goes well, this new occurrence will not require chemo. We don't have the radiation treatments scheduled yet, but they are likely to start next week, possibly as soon as Monday.

Other than that, there's been some changes over the last couple months for how to manage pain that seem to be pretty successful. We're still fine tuning it, but the level of pain control is much improved. This is a really big deal as it helps her forget (or at least ignore) the disease and instead focus on living life.

Please continue to pray God will hold Sandi in the palm of his hand and protect her from anxiety, depression and fear. All the while, pray that God grant us courage, grace and wisdom in whatever comes. From where we stood at the end of last year, the past months have been better than anticipated, and I believe there are many many more wonderful days to be had. In a previous post I said that each day is a gift from God (yeah, that's a bit cliche). But it is still true. We don't take them for granted anymore. Obviously, continue to ask God for for healing, whether through effective treatment or flat out miracle. ... but do this with humility and understanding that He will provide what is needed, regardless of whether we understand at the time.

Since there's likely to be news over the next few weeks, I'll be more judicious about posting to the blog... sorry I've been so quiet, but it's been nice to attempt to ignore the whole thing for a while (as much as possible, anyway)...


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