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I learned a new word today...

I really wish this post could be more upbeat, but I guess it's just not.

So, as you know, Sandi was in for an unexpected surgery a week ago to deal with a blockage where her stomach leads to her intestine. She's been recovering more/less as expected so far, until last night when one of the surgical incisions began leaking some clear fluid. It turns out this is due to ascites. That's the new word. I'm pretty sure I'd have been happy to never know that word... OK, so ascites is nothing more than accumulation of fluid in the abdomen due to a wide variety of causes, one of which is cancer. Ascites is pretty common for pancreatic cancer patients. Hopefully, it will resolve itself and not become a big problem. Time will tell.

Anyway, we go back to see her surgeon on Wednesday, where he will do something to try to help the incision heal properly if it is still leaking. The good news is that there's no sign of infection.

Sigh, and... in spite of our best efforts to tyrannically enforce hand washing rules around here, Cole and Amira are clearly sick. I don't know if Sandi is also sick or not, but she was wiped out enough today to go to bed at 7:30, so I think she might be. The usual expectation in our house is that once Cole gets sick, everyone gets sick. Maybe that won't happen this time.

Please pray for: 1) Sandi's immediate health as it relates to the cold/flu that has made it's way into our house, and 2) That the ascites will resolve without complication.

Lastly, please take part in the petition/letter thing linked below in my previous post regarding compounding pharmaceuticals, especially ALA which Sandi needs. And write your congressional representatives and senators, in some hope to influence the FDA to the same ends.


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