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Home... and a request

Sandi came home Saturday evening after 2 days of supportive care in the hospital. She was dehydrated, resulting in very low blood pressure and some other unpleasant side effects. She's also anemic, but not so much so that they thought giving her a blood transfusion was necessary. It makes her very tired and weak, and though she's now doing much better than Thursday afternoon when she went in to the hospital, there is still a lot of room for upward movement.

Sandi asked me to call in her prayer support team. She needs peace, and relief, even if only for a short time to gather herself. Enough fight is gone from her that she now must lean on others to support her. Digesting food is not easy, and is pretty painful in fact. Yet, any relief gained by not eating is clearly not a good plan. Good sleep is fleeting and anxiety is always at the door.

Through all this she still is concerned that she doesn't let people down... like she ever could. I believe she has many good days ahead of her. It sure would be nice to encounter those days more often... Even if we don't, pray that Sandi will have peace in the presence of pain, and faithfulness in the presence of anxiety, and assurance in the presence of uncertainty.

Send her an encouraging email (, or a note (27800 NW Olson Rd, Gaston, OR 97119)... I know she will treasure these things.


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