• Kirk

Happy New Year. 

5 chemo cycles in the books. Sandi says, "Round 5, ding ding." She will be dealing with the more acute chemo side effects for a few days yet.

Sandi got another CA19-9 test drawn this time, and it is down further. About 1400 this time so the trend is still good and the drop significant (down from 2400 last time). This indicates less tumor activity overall and is a positive indication that the treatment is effective.

Also, Sandi got the hospital to use smaller needles for chemo infusion, which is less painful. She has a box of smaller gauge needles with her name on it kept at the hospital. This is a lot less painful, as the needle stays in place for more than 48 hours.

One last thing.. our medical insurance in 2019 has changed to a different company in 2020. Sandi has been doing ancillary infusions of vitamin C and ALA, which I have blogged about before. We didn't know if the insurance was going to cover that for sure, and it's expensive. Well, we now know that the 2019 insurance company is covering it. Hopefully the 2020 company will also.. We're very thankful that we have good coverage for all this.


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