• Sandi

Grumbley tummy and a very mooey cow

It's night, I should be sleeping, but my stomach is at war with me again. Everything I manage to eat or drink (which isn't a lot) seems to go right through me, spending most of my night parked on the porcelain throne :). Just took more meds, so hoping things settle down soon. To add to it, the cow is oh so talkative tonight, mooing the night away. She is due to calf in July, so maybe she's feeling the calf move? Maybe she wants a late night snack? Maybe a spoiled cow? Just don't know.

Quilt update: I have heard that I have a few more squares coming, so I 'm pushing out the date about a week and a half to wait for those to get to me. I'm hoping to have all the pieces to the quilt-maker before my next chemo cycle. If you are sending one, please let me know, so I don't miss getting your square included.

Praying that my stomach (and my cow) settle down for the night very soon.

Love and hugs,



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