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Well, Sandi is doing better every day, albeit slowly. The dire predictions of two weeks back seem to have been incorrect. Sandi's mom was able to come over for Thanksgiving dinner, and spend some time with everyone. Sandi had turkey, mashed potatoes, homemade cheesecake... She's been eating turkey/veg soup made from leftovers, more cheesecake, etc.; actually, quite a variety of things.

The most commonly requested snack is a frozen treat which, as you can see, we've managed to stock quite a selection.

While the health trend-line is moving in the right direction, the progress can seem agonizingly slow. A small amount of activity is exhausting. Sandi is contemplating more treatment, but the way forward is anything but clear. Please pray for wisdom, and peace regarding the choices ahead.

... Also, please remember others who are suffering. I know that within the circle of people this blog reaches there are some who have suffered loss from COVID-19, and others who also are dealing with very difficult conditions. The only real lessons here are to keep the ones you love close and remember to hug them often if you can... and to remember that God is good and He will sustain you.


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