• Sandi

Feeling a bit rough

The last few days have come with my share of bathroom trips, crampy stomach and generalized abdominal pain. Not a lot of fun :(. Seriah has pretty much been running the house (doing an amazing job :), while I either lounge around or go upstairs and sleep. I don't want to sleep too much during the day, because I don't want to be awake all night, so I've been trying to hang out downstairs. The abdominal pain has gotten a bit worse, but if I increase my pain med, I just can't stay awake. If I move around too much , the abdominal pain gets worse.

Today, we cancelled vit C and ALA treatment, so I could stay home and rest over the next couple of days. Also, we are trying to get all of my meds straightened out. Right now, we are curled up on the couch watching an old Disney move "Apple Dumpling Gang".

Kirk just got home from picking up groceries and medicines.

This Friday ALA and vit C is scheduled, CT scan on Monday, special oncology dentist (to make sure chemo is not negatively effecting my teeth) on Tuesday, Wednesday is chemo day, home chemo on Thursday and chemo disconnect on Friday.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated.


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