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Emergency Wisdom

Years ago, Sandi picked up some really ridiculous shimmering metallic gold pants, like you'd have seen on a 70's disco show. These pants were used as a disciplinary tool... Think: "No, you can't stay home. We're going to target, and behave yourself or you'll have to wear the gold pants. No you can't stay in the car, you'll have to wear the pants in the store..."

Yesterday, Sandi understood she is her last days and decided that she should benefit people with some "emergency wisdom" (her words - imagine Lucy from the Peanuts cartoon with her doctor booth). However, if you wanted to obtain any sage wisdom from Sandi, you had to be wearing the "gold pants".. So, Cameron donned the gold pants, and went to ask Sandi what wise things she had for him. I asked if Pam and I could stay in the room and listen, and she shooed us out saying, "I don't see anyone else wearing gold pants around here". We had to leave, which is just as well because we were laughing so hard we would have disrupted the emergency wisdom session.

The sweet to go with the bitter is welcome and unexpected.

Medically, she's not in pain. She's also high as a kite because of the morphine. Saturday, she had enough energy to talk with people and visit a bit. Today, she's much more tired, but she got to visit with her mom for a bit. Her vital signs are not good. I don't know how much longer she'll be with us, but she is comfortable and ready.

Dana, Sandi's best friend of 40 years, showed up on Saturday and surprised Sandi. Sandi was super happy, overjoyed almost, to see her. It was a wonderful surprise for Sandi. Dana has also been a godsend to me, as doing medications every hour requires a tag team.

I'll leave you for now with this.


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