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Day one in the books.

This is Kirk.

Sandi completed her first chemo infusion session today. Two chemo drugs were administered, with a third being administered using a pump at home over the next 2 days. She goes back on Friday to have the pump discontinued until the next session.

Sandi felt pretty good during first drug today. It's major side effect is typically "cold sensitivity".. which causes pain and extreme sensation of cold when touching cold things, also can be really hard to breathe cold air. So far, that hasn't happened to her at all.

The second drug gave her some pretty bad stomach cramping, as well cotton mouth, and a bit of slurred speech, tiredness, and mental fuzziness. These have cleared now (a few hours later), except she's really wiped out and her stomach still hurts a bit.

There was also another lady there with pancreatic cancer who was very helpful to Sandi because she could speak with direct experience.

We'll see how it goes over the next few days. Please pray that other likely side effects are minimal.


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