• Kirk

Chillin' in a giant hot dog...

So, were probably the only people you know who have a hyperbaric chamber is their basement. Sandi is currently taking a "dive" at 1.5 atmospheres of pressure while breathing pure oxygen. If this all sounds really weird to you, Google HBOT. Anyway, she's inside the chamber, which looks like a humongous hot dog, chilling to some Bebo Norman.

We hope this will help with chemo side effects, and might even help fight the cancer itself. 1/2 hour more, then she gets out.

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Tonight, about 1:20am, Sandi breathed her last while I held her hand.

Emergency Wisdom

Years ago, Sandi picked up some really ridiculous shimmering metallic gold pants, like you'd have seen on a 70's disco show. These pants were used as a disciplinary tool... Think: "No, you can't stay