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Chemo - round 2 done

The take-home, 48 hour chemo was stopped (on schedule) yesterday afternoon. This round was easier on my system than round one (praise God :). Less GI problems. I was started on pancreatic enzymes last week and this has made a huge difference in how I feel. I take the enzymes every time I eat something (enzymes that are usually produced by a healthy pancreas) and it gives me what I need to break down fats, protein and carbs. Without these, the food nutrients can't be absorbed, passes right through me, and sit sourly in my gut. Basically, eating, but starving at the same time.

I have been having some mild pain (around the area of my pancreas (right, upper abdomen), which a heating pad helps a lot with. I also have some pain where my port access is (right side of my upper chest). This round, they had difficulty drawing blood through my port, so they had to mess with it more than usual. It infused well though. It is thought that this could be positional (maybe the end of the catheter is up against a valve) or there could be something trying to clot it off. Please pray for next time, that access is easier.

Thank you for your prayers and wonderful words of encouragement. I may not respond to very many posts and emails, but I read every one :).



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