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CA19-9 Is Down Again!!

Sandi's CA19-9 count is down to 609. This down from 1414 over past two chemo cycles, and down from 6856 before treatment began (91% overall). This is a beautiful result for being 1/2 way done with the planned set of chemo treatments.

CA19-9 is a tumor marker, that is, a protein found in the blood that indicates tumor health and activity. It is the best indicator we have regarding the effectiveness of the chemo and other treatments. Normal CA19-9 value is 0-35. That's where we want to get to, and maintain.

So far, Sandi's clinically tolerating the chemo and hasn't had sever blood count drop or other problem that would delay chemo. This is also good.

Keep your prayers going. This is very hard and Sandi's spirits are greatly lifted knowing people are praying for her.

Also, if you plan on sending her a quilt square but haven't gotten to it yet, please do it. She does a little happy dance every time one comes in the mail. You can even go to Etsy or a local quilting shop and just buy one... :)


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