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Break time for just a bit longer...

Sandi has been taking a break from chemo for the past few weeks. It will start again next Tuesday. While she still isn't feeling exactly "good", she's much better and getting stronger each day. Even during this break, Sandi has been getting Vitamin C and ALA infusions twice a week. Friday she will get another CT scan followed by CA19-9 drawn next Tuesday. That will give us some idea about how things have gone over these few weeks off from chemo. Hopefully the Vitamin C and ALA will have kept things down...

We're still hoping Sandi can get a coeliac plexus block (semi-permanent nerve block) to help with the pain, but so far we've not been able to schedule that. We don't know if this is due to Covid19 drama or maybe we've just not gotten the right people's attention yet.

Speaking of Covid19, the quarantine and social distancing thing has really been pretty easy for us, as we were already staying home most every day and limiting contact just to keep illness away from the house. I was even able to buy TP this week! (not that we were out, but it seems the standard for how much TP you need on hand has changed in recent weeks).

In other news, Sandi's quilt construction seems to have stalled, as the quilt ladies are busy making face masks. Strange times indeed.

Please pray that Sandi can enjoy her remaining break time and not worry about the return to chemo next week. Also, obviously, that the treatments she is enduring will continue to be effective in keeping the tumor from growing... even better that, by God's hand, the treatments would reduce, even eliminate the tumor (which would be an unmistakable miracle).

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