• Kirk

A Winding Road

Sandi and I have always been private people, not inclined to share a whole lot. Somehow, this is different.

Wednesday last, Sandi's doctor and I discussed the findings of a CT scan Sandi got last week while in the hospital. There was a change in it that he described as either evidence that the chemo was having destructive effect on the cancer. ... or it indicated a new complication that would likely mean that Sandi's journey would most likely be over within days. I asked him which he thought it was, and he said he thought it was most likely that Sandi's remaining days were very few.

It all gets very real.

Only time would tell. Sandi would either get stronger, or weaker and rapidly become quite sick.

Well, it's early Sunday morning and Sandi has not gotten weaker. In fact, she's improved pretty steadily over the past few days. We're making plans for Thanksgiving dinner, shopping for Christmas gifts, and working out the details of a bathroom remodel.

I have no way of knowing for sure, but I'm beginning to believe "not yet". I cherish every day. Please keep praying for my sweet Sandi.


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