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#5 is today

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Chemo number 5 starts about 8:30 this morning!

It all starts with accessing the port and drawing blood. 30 minutes later, blood-work results come back and the doctor either gives the green light for treatment or sends me home and it is delayed for a different day (usually a week).

Please pray for travel (possible snow). Also, access of my port can be painful (the needle will stay in place for three days (last access caused me pain for all three days :( ). Pray also for the ability to get blood-work from the port (If they can't get it to draw back, I will be poked a second time (in my arm) to get blood for the tests. No big deal, but kind of adding insult to injury. My port has been infusing well, but seems to have a difficult time getting blood to be removed (maybe the end of the tube is up against up against the wall of a vein or something ?

Obviously, pray for tumor size reduction and it doesn't again swell to hinder my stomach from emptying into my intestines. Pray also for the hearts of those that will be receiving treatments in the chairs next to me.

I am a bit anxious (maybe why I'm up, blogging at midnight :), but generally doing well. God has given me a beautiful 2 weeks with precious time with my sister, 10 days with my dear friend Dana, and lots of quiet time with kids and Kirk.

My bed is warm and comfy, house is quiet. I'm going to do a bit of reading, and go back to sleep.

I love you guys and covet your floods of prayers and the many encouraging words and actions you have given me. In the midst of this storm, I am truly blessed :).

Sleep well, and dream of large, chocolate sundaes :),



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