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PA3-1-Foona- BlueBelle and Sp3-Bronx Mow

Breezy is a standard Sputnik/Monty F1B Cream Labradoodle

Blue Belle is a medium/miniature Payton/Charlie F2 Chocolate Labradoodle

We brought Breezy home in 2015 and throughout the next couple years we had convinced about 10 friends to add doodles to their family – he was and is truly the perfect dog.  His favorite things are to bring you his toys, ride in your lap in the car and snuggle any chance he gets.  He’s so smart – could sit and fetch and shake by about 3 months old.  He was pretty much potty trained from the time he came home (thanks to Sandi) and has always responded quickly and consistently to “no” as well as commands.  Breezy’s biggest downfall is if left to his own preferences, he would never get any exercise because he’s perfectly content to lounge around all day long.


And that’s where Belle comes in.  We decided to start having human babies and thought that Breezy needed a playful friend as our attention would be a bit diverted.  Belle has been his perfect companion.  They’ve been inseparable from the start and the vet couldn’t believe that they voluntarily snuggle together until they saw it for themselves.  Belle is much more active and goofy and interested in attention which has been a wonderful contrast to our very chill, somewhat independent boy.  She’s the perfect walk buddy, never pulling on the leash because she prefers to be right next to your feet.


Both doods have been wonderful with our 6 month old baby - always mindful of where he’s at, easily understand to leave his toys alone, and perfectly fine with him grabbing and pulling at their fur.  The baby thinks anything they do is hilarious and any time the baby starts to cry, Breezy rushes to his side and Belle comes to one of us to make sure we’re responding quickly enough.


Breezy is about 50 lbs and has a fleece wavy completely nonshed coat.  Belle is about 30 lbs and has a wool curly very low shed coat.  As someone highly allergic to dogs, I’m happy to report that they are both completely hypoallergenic.  Breezy gets groomed about once a quarter with a trim at home here and there and Belle has an incomplete face which requires very little grooming (she’s been once and otherwise we just keep her brushed and she’s not prone to matting).  The big boy and little girl mix has worked perfectly for our household as they never seem to compete, they only seem to play and love more fiercely every day.  I don’t like to think about a day without either of them but I can guarantee we’ll be calling Sandi, maybe even before then.

Lula is a curly fleece-coated medium multigen Australian Labradoodle,

Z-Dogg/Furber pup.

Lula is a great family companion. She is very intelligent and has good self control given her age. She recently finished puppy training 101 with very little repetition needed to learn commands. We're starting training 102 shortly. Lula is a little shy around new people but treats are helping. She loves to go anywhere with her people (and hates being left out of anything), and is a great car rider. The teenage years are just beginning, but that's what exercise is for :)Russell

PA-Charlie Roz and Ravyn.jpg
PA-Charlie Ravyn.png
PA-Charlie Roz.png

Our first dog from Sandi  (Labradoodledoo)  was Roz.  She was a black ball of fluff and we just fell in love with her.  She is calm, happy and sooooo soft.   She was such an easy puppy, we decided that we wanted to get a playmate for her.  We had never had 2 dogs at once before but Roz was such a great dog that we just wanted another one.  Ravyn is Roz’s full sister (same parents, different litter) and she is a wonderful dog as well.  She is goofy and smart and playful and HAPPY.  She is just a happy dog.  They get along really well and keep each other company.  Both dogs love to take walks with us and also are great travelers . They especially LOVE to play fetch.  Roz chases a ball while Ravyn loves to catch and retrieve frisbees.  She is quite athletic….making jumping, diving catches…its really something to see!

 They are just a joy and we are so happy with both of them! 


Everything that Sandi says on her website about her dogs is TRUE.  These dogs are the best dogs I have ever owned.  The are happy, athletic, friendly and  calm.  Their fur is soft and doesn’t shed.  You can tell that these dogs come from someone who cares about the quality of the puppies.  Sandi is great to work with.  You cannot go wrong with one of her dogs!


Roz and Ravyn are f2, American Labradoodles (Payton/Charlie)

"They get along so well!  I couldn’t be any happier with how they play and interact."

Pogo is the BEST DOG EVER!  He has a very calm and sweet nature, loves to socialize with all kinds of creatures (except our cats, once they made their lack of interest clear to him), and he never barks. (I have heard him bark only once in his life; it was good to find out he knows how!)  We are so glad we have him.  Here's a photo.




Pogo is a multi-gen American Labradoodle 

Sophie kissing her cow.
Sophie is a standard-sized, F1B with a curly fleece coat. She is a Ryobi/Joey pup.

Hi Sandy
  Sophie has turned out to be without a doubt the very best dog we have every had. We have had a lot of dogs in our life and we have loved everyone of them. Sophie is very special. We were a bit concerned at first about taking on a puppy again. The thought of house training and just training in general, with our busy schedule, we just weren't sure. 

  The job Sandy did with her prior to us bringing her home was masterful. When we got

her at about 8 weeks she was basically house trained. We had a few accidents, but very few and she learned very quickly. Keep in mind we took her in November, yet the rain did not bother her. We have since found that she loves getting wet. So she would go out to do her business even in the worst of weather.

  She has the greatest nature, she can be calm and loving. Playful, but gentle. What I most wanted in a new dog, was one that I could trust. When I go outside to work on the property I wanted a dog that would not wander, be distracted by other animal or run off. Sophie is great with no particular training she is at my side and never out of view. She keeps track of me, rather than me keeping track of her. I like that. She had a love affair with the cows, she would lick their faces and every day they would come to the fence and wait for her. They are gone now and there was some confusion on Sophie's part at their initial absence. What she doesn't know is that there will be a couple new calves this spring and I am sure she will be delighted.

  She is a quiet dog, I think the only time I have ever heard her bark was at some deer in the back yard. 

  She is not a chewer, which was another concern we had about taking on a puppy, we have some nice furniture and we know what puppies can do. She has her toys and she keeps track of them and the occasional raw hide bone. Those are what she plays and chews on, nothing else and she has never had the inclination to chew on anything else. She is in a word, perfect.

  I have a lot of Sophie stories and they are all good ones. She is a great companion, travels well and we can trust her. I have to conclude that Sandy did an outstanding job, breeding these dogs and taking care of them the first 8 weeks of life. I will probably never have another dog other than a labradoodle from Sandy's dogs and when my son finishes college he says he's getting his own Sophie.

  In closing one warning, unless Sophie is the exception, playing fetch is
going to become part of your life. She loves more than anything, to
retrieve. If it can be thrown, it will be retrieved.
Sincerely, Terry

Jack and Riley are both standard, F!B labradoodles with wavey, fleece coats. Jack was the largest of the litter and Riley is average-sized. Jack and Riley are Ryobi/Joey(Fonzi's dad) pups

To Potential Labradoodle Owners: We purchased our two labradoodles from Labradoodledoo last fall 2006. It was the best decision we have ever made! Our two, Jack and Riley, have become a true part of our family and are an absolute joy. They love children, probably since they were raised as puppies with five endearing boys. They are patient with kids, adults and other dogs. Both are exceptionally adept at learning new commands and are always anxious to please! They especially enjoy chasing, and actually returning, balls and easily entertain themselves. Both are extremely healthy and our veterinarian claims they are some of the finest labradoodles she has seen. Fullgrown at 14 months Jack weighs 79 pounds and Riley weighs 59 pounds. Both have beautiful non-shedding fleecy coats. Sandi and her family put their hearts into raising Labradoodles of the highest quality. You will not be disappointed with one of their fine puppies!Melinda

Hi Sandi!Teddy is sweet and lovable and has brought great joy into our lives.We wanted mellow and he is very mellow. He is never aggressive or territorial. He is gentle with a bunny friend, but not afraid of the bull mastiff across the street. Amazingly we can remove things from his mouth without getting bitten.We have a hillside house with no yard, but fortunately we are both retired and Oakland has trails and off-leash dog parks so he gets 2 outings a day. He loves car travel. He likes people and other dogs and interacts well with them. Other owners complain that their dogs have eaten pillows, clothes or furniture. That has never been a problem with Teddy. He can be rough on his own toys but he has a clear sense of what is his and what is not. He is very intelligent and independent. He devises his own games and can play by himself. We were amazed at how quickly he was housebroken (less than a week).No dog is perfect, especially with imperfect owners. Teddy loves dirt and mud. His hair seems to be made of velcro, so grooming is a constant activity. Also at the dog parks, but not at home, he barks too much while playing. It is enthusiastic barking, not neurotic or aggressive, but still annoying and difficult to correct. Your potential customers can call or e-mail if they have questions.Harold and Rochelle

Teddy is an F1B with a VERY curly, wool coat. Teddy is a Ryobi/Joey pup.

Daisy is a standard-sized, F1B labradoodle with a curly fleece coat. Daisy is a Ryobi/Nova pup.

I want to let you know how pleased my family and I are with our new Labradoodle puppy "Daisy". She is absolutely wonderful. She is definitely a puppy with lots of energy, but at the same time she is very smart and learns very quickly. She is very, very loving and sweet. She loves to cuddle every chance she gets. She potty trained in about 3 weeks, with a few accidents here and there. Both Kelly and I are allergic to dog hair and since Daisy has come into our home we have been allergy free. We are also very pleased about how smooth the whole process of buying a puppy thru the Internet was. I was a little worried about it. But it could not have worked out better. The breeder responded to our phone call with in hours. We spoke awhile, she answered all our questions and the sale was made. We put down a deposit and a week later, drove down to pick her up. We got to meet the puppies mom and dad, the breeder and her whole family. The home and surroundings were very nice and clean. You could also see that all the puppies were very much loved and cared for. I would very highly recommended this breeder, Sandra (Labradoodledoo). She did a wonderful job thru the whole process of buying a dog over the Internet. Again,I really am so happy with how everything took place and best of all how loving and sweet "Daisy" is.Cathy and family

Lucy is an F1 labradoodle with a wavey hair coat. She is 28-30 lbs. Lucy is a Delta/Rocky pup.

Sandi,Here are some pictures of Lucy, a much-loved dog in our household. Most of them were taken when she was about a year old, but none of them clearly showed one of her unusual features--her amazing eyebrows--so I included the last one, which at least shows them a bit. Her coat seems to be more lab than poodle. She weighs about 28-30 pounds.Lucy is an intelligent, lovable, and affectionate dog. Her only sometimes challenging trait is her extravagant excitement on initial greeting--family members or others when we first return to the house or meet on the street. This subsides pretty quickly when she is given attention and is now only occasionally accompanied by a little submissive piddling. Seemingly from the beginning she had a sense of what was hers to chew or play with and has done no damage to anything in the house. When one of her balls rolled under the Christmas tree, she would gingerly and carefully try to extract it without disturbing anything else or she would wait for one of us to get it. She was housebroken almost immediately. She loves to play tug and chase. She loves her walks and especially any "freedom time" she gets without the leash. She loves to be in someone's lap.Grace and peace,David

Cali is a 35-38 lb. F1 medium labradoodle with a fleece coat. Cali is a Delta/Rocky pup.

Hi, Sandi-Cali is doing great! She has a wonderful temperament, and is still as playful as a puppy. The boys adore her, and aside from the fact that she moves into my spot on our bed every time I get up in the morning (regardless of whether I want to go back to bed or not) I am quite fond of her too.I will try to attach a photo to the e-mail that I just took.Best of luck with the puppies!David

The Dude, is a very large, standard, F1, chocolate labradoodle with a wavy hair coat. The Dude is a Delta/Nova pup.

Hi Sandi - Our labradoodle "Dude" is doing great. He's about 13 months old as of January 2009 and weighed in last week at the vet at 92 pounds!! Dude loves everyone, and everyone likes the Dude. He's a very mellow dog for a year old puppy, and he makes us laugh every day. He has been very easy to train when we really put in the effort - consistency is key. Potty training was a breeze... he pooped in the house once, on the first day we brought him home but not at all after that. Number one took about 2 or 3 weeks. He knows all the basic commands, though he occasionally chooses to ignore us. We're both retired so we are with him most of the time, but we can now leave him home alone for a few hours and he does just fine. I recommend Labradoodledoo to anyone who asks about Dude because he's a beautiful dog. His fur is thick and just a little curly - not your typical labradoodle, but we have seen a few with the hair coat that look like him (not nearly as pretty though). Coming from a breeder that surrounds the pups with kids has made him very kid-friendly. He especially likes playing with little boys!. We have been threatening him lately that we're going to offer him to the Obama's if he doesn't behave, but I don't think he takes us seriously.... he's a keeper... Thanks for the great dog. Hal and Sue

Lulu is a standard-sized, F1, black labradoodle with a hair coat. Lulu is a Delta/Nova pup.

Sandi,Just wanted to let you know how much we love our labradoodle, Lulu. She’s just over a year, and is about 50 pounds. When we picked her up last January she was black with a couple flecks of white hairs on her chest and shoulder blades. Now her coat is still that wavy black with a few flecks in the same spots, but her mouth is chocolate and we just LOVE it. She has such a great personality, smart and affectionate. She was easy to train and seems to understand so many commands. The best part is that she is great with kids and our house is always full of kids at every energy level. We really appreciate how easy you made the process and have recommended you to all who inquire. Just the other day, we ran into another Labradoodledoo pup “Cowboy” up here in Seattle. Small world! If we decide to get another, I’ll be sure to come visit you down in Oregon!Sandy

Hudson is a wavy, fleece-coated, standard, F1 labradoodle. Hudson is a Delta/Nova pup.

Hi Sandi and Labradoodledoo,Hudson is a wonderful addition to our family. We did do intense early training and our trainer said he would be a great candidate for a therapy dog at about 3 years of age. He has calmed down significantly and is very smart. He loves children and everyone for that matter. He goes everywhere with us. I am so grateful that my other dog who passed in June, 08 was able to meet Hudson. Hudson adored Baci our 13 year old yellow lab. Hudson sheds very little if any. He gets groomed about once every 6 weeks. This consists of a wash and trim around beard. We love him so much and thanks to Labradoodledoo we have an awesome dog.Mari and Family

Duma is a wavy, fleece-coated, very large standard, F1 labradoodle. Duma is a Delta/Nova pup.

Sandi,Here are some pictures of Duma and his best girlfriend Spencer. Duma is the sweetest, smartest,most loving dog.He is also very gentle, yet playful. And does he ever talk - not bark , but He also expects lots of love and always has a paw on you for attention.He is also a great watch dog he hears every little thing,but is not aggressive. He just let's you know someone or somethings out there. Duma is a very fit 90-95 pound dog. He is 27 inches from foot to shoulder. Tall, dark and handsome.We get endless compliments on him. He really is a pretty dog with a wonderful personality.We are so happy and blessed to have him be a part of our family. We all just adore him.Thank you for helping to add this wonderful boy to our lives.Hope you and your family are well.Best,Tara 

Keela is a chocolate, miniature, F1 labradoodle from Delta and Zorro. 

Hi, Sandi,Keela is now a “landed immigrant” and passed through the border without question. We have Nexus cards which eliminates some of the hassle at the border, it seems.Keela travelled quite well in the crate, with some whimpering, but general good humour. Her teddy mom seemed to help. We stopped frequently at rest areas and Keela was admired by a couple from California who knew about labradoodles and dogs in general and commented on how well socialized she was.She has been going into the back yard to eliminate and seems to head for the back door so when she does we take her out, as we do after eating and after napping. She enjoys being outside. Her favourite nap space seems to be between someone’s feet or on a lap if she is invited up. I guess she misses her litter mates. We picked up some pig’s ears and she seems to like them, even chasing them around the floor as they scoot quite well on the laminate. She spent a lot of time circling the crate and tried to pull both her teddy and her pig’s ear out through the bars, having decided that if she went in, someone might close the door, I guess. She worked so hard that she actually pulled the crate around by pulling her teddy’s leg out through the bars.FYI, she weighs in at 9 lbs. on our scale and is eating the food you sent, although Eric is right, she is easily distracted and needs to be re-focused!She is sleeping in her crate at night and made it through 6 hours the first night, so she is doing well.It was nice to meet you and your family and to see how the dogs fit into your routine. We are so pleased to have Keela, and will send you updates on her as she grows. Thanks again for all your work with her.Marilyn(Canada)

Rhys is a standard F1B with a fleece coat. He is a Ryobi/Fonzi pup.

Hi Sandy,I wanted to forward you the certificate of Rhys Neutering. I have also included pictures of Rhys that I have been meaning to send to you before now. Rhys is such a joy and a happy little guy. He adjusted quickly to being away from his 9 brothers and sisters. He is not lacking for affection and gets lots of it from neighbors and friends. His nickname is bouncy bouncy, because he is so bouncy. He very social and I take him almost everywhere with me. He loves being around people but he also loves playing with other dogs. Where we live there are lots of different fun places to hike and explore so Rhys is not lacking for adventure. I could go on and on about what a joy he is. Enjoy the pictures of Rhys. Also, will I be getting a certificate from you on Rhy’s parents etc now that he is neutered?Let me know. Hope all is well.Regards, Angi

Hi Sandi!I just can't express just how much we love Hudson! As much as I wanted a Labradoodle puppy, I was hesitant to get one because of the dreaded puppy stage. You told me that Ryobi was the easiest puppy you had ever had. Well, Hudson was also remarkably easy! He trains so quickly! He hasn't chewed any furniture or destroyed any objects- not even shoes. While we were enrolled in puppy class, they would often start the class, by having the owners share puppy problems of the week. Well, I didn't really have any! The trainer often used Hudson for demonstrations when she was introducing a new command. We had a guest trainer one week, and while she was speaking, Hudson was just dozing on the floor. She told me how lucky I was to have such a calm Labradoodle. For the last class, they had us do a "rally" through Pet Smart. We had to follow a course through the store and do different exercises, while we were timed. Hudson had the fastest time of all, so I guess you could say he was the "Valedictorian". We are now in the intermediate class, and he is continuing to do well, even though he is in the "teenage" stage, and has some "teenage" moments :).Hudson goes everywhere he can with us. He loves to ride in the car. My husband likes dogs- he isn't the dog lover that I am, but he absolutely adores Hudson. He takes him with him when he goes to pick up our son at school everyday. Hudson watches for Adam to come through the crowd and starts wagging his tail as soon as he sees him. In the house, Hudson is always where we are- usually right by our feet.Hudson loves everybody. I have had him in my classroom a few times, and my students love him. He gives them lots of doodle kisses. They always ask me when he is coming back. We are still hoping that he will be a therapy dog one day, and I'm sure his experiences at school will help prepare him for that. His obedience trainer thought he would also make a good agility dog when he is older.Choosing a puppy from a breeder online, was quite a leap for me, but you made everything go very smoothly. I really wanted a puppy from a small breeder, but one who did testing on the parents. I wanted a puppy who was truly "homeraised" and given lots of attention. It was very evident that Hudson was very well adjusted when he came, and adapted easily to change. I know that these qualities came from lots of interaction and handling from you and your boys. :) I wasn't able to pick out Hudson in person, but I feel that you gave me the exact personality that I was looking for. I couldn't be happier with him!-Angie

Hudson is a standard F!B with a curly, fleece coat. He is a Ryobi/Fonzi pup.

Lucky is a standard F1B with a wavy, fleece coat. He is a Ryobi/Fonzi pup.

Dear Sandi,I have just read the letters posted on your reference page, and I found myself nodding in agreement with so many of the comments. When I met you, Ryobi and Lucky, (then Harley Doginson), I had just lost my beloved Golden Retriever, Tucker, at age 13. I was not ready for another dog, let alone a puppy. But after being welcomed into your home, sitting with Ryobi and holding Lucky, I knew I had found the perfect breeder and puppy. The feeling of calm and comfort was so evident, the dogs so well-cared for and loved. Clearly, your choice of dam and sire and the manner in which the puppies were raised were a perfect combination.Lucky has been a joy from the day he came home. Of course, we have had some minor and typical puppy "issues" such as chewing and jumping. But Lucky has been easy to train...he sailed through puppy obedience class. He, too, was a star pupil, and we had the added treat of meeting Edsel, his litter-mate, in the class. We have had one follow-up lesson for excited, "I'm so happy to see you!", jumping up with our super trainer, Kirsten Nielsen, and no more jumping. Lucky has the most wonderful personality. He is bright, loving, eager to please and the biggest snuggler around. He likes to play, often "teasing" me with his toys to engage a game. He is my constant companion Whenever we are out walking, which is often, he greets all he meets with a wiggling body and wagging tail. Lucky loves, and is loved by, all the children in our neighborhood. In short, he is the light of my life! Thank you SO much, Corinne

Emmy (a fleece-coated F1B) with her boy, Joshua.
Emmy is a Ryobi/Fonzi pup.

Hello Sandi, Finally, I send you pictures of Emmy at our home. That young man is our Joshua. They're having a great time together - Emmy's getting lots of excersize!! Here is Joshua: Hey Sandi Emmy is better than the kind of dog I thought she would be she is so cute and when my Nana came over my house to see her Emmy was very polite, she sat up straight and she did not jump up or anything. Thank you so much for being so kind. We are so glad we got our Labradoodle from you,you are a really good breeder!!!! From, Joshua, Kelley and Doug

Apple is an F1B with a fleece coat. She is a Ryobi/Nova pup.

Hi!I was on your website today with a friend looking at puppies. She (of-course) loves Apple and I told her to go to you before anyone else for a pup. I tell many many others the same. Apple is doing so good and almost 2 years old. She is the best dog in the world. She has been so happy since we moved back to Hood River last year. I take her to the river almost everyday and she has made lots and lots of friends. Every body that walks by her says” HI APPLE” before saying hi to me.Anyways just wanted to say Hi and let you know how blessed I feel every day that I connected with you and found Apple. I am forever grateful.This year or next I am hoping to be able to be filling out that puppy application again, I asked apple all the time if she wants a little brother or sister.Hope this reaches you and you are well and your family is well.Christy, Ethan and Apple

Tara, "the salty sailor dog", is a fleece-coated F1B. She is a Ryobi/Fonzi pup.

Tara is absolutely wonderful! Our visits with elderly (husband's) mother went well; she held Tara on her lap and she (Tara) fell happily asleep, which delighted "Betty", who is 88 yrs. old. We fly back to NY to the boat on the 29th and all went very well; Tara slept the entire way (flight was only 4 1/2 hrs. non-stop) and visited with seatmates at the end of the flight, and they loved her. A young Buddhist monk sat next to us and when he heard the name (Tara) of my doggie he smiled with recognition and joy; he knows of the goddess/protectress Tara very well! He told me the several different ways you can pronounce her name, and at the end of the flight, when he was petting Tara, he put his hand on her head and said a Tibetian prayer for her life. I was very touched by his love for this little puppy. It was a lovely coincidence that we were seated by this gentle man. Tara fit into the larger travel crate well and it barely fit under the seat with some adjustments, but the flight attendant did not mind. JetBlue is very friendly. We slept the entire way; and in the morning, when we met my daughter at the luggage area, Tara went behind the garbage can and peed on a piece of paper I had put down for her. She is one smart cookie! She uses her outdoor rug-carpet placed inside a large "under-the-bed-storage container" on the bow of the sailboat for her potty and gets her freeze-dried liver treats for it. she has not had a poop accident yet in the boat; she goes in the box when we take her there. When we are sailing and it is rough weather, we put a small box in the cockpit and she uses that. We've loved every minute...she wakes me up around 5:30 a.m. for the morning pee, and then goes back to sleep for 2 hours, then breakfast at 7, and a poo at 8. she is pretty much on her own schedule. she happily goes on shore on the grass or sand on beach if we are there. she loves playing in the boat, and runs around the deck, too, with safety gear on! She has had her next series of shots and is having fun here in Boston, Mass. for 5 days, with many new friends coming to see her on the boat.Thank you so much for raising such a wonderful puppy, I know you gave her your best. and we will do the same for her, now that she is with our family. NolaP.S hope you got my phone message....we celebrated my birthday on July 4th, watching fireworks from the cockpit of the boat; Tara doesn't mind anything; nothing scares her; when it is rough sailing, she finds a little place to curl up and goes to sleep. She is perfect! except her teeth are sharp.

Annie is a miniature, F1 with a wavy hair coat. She is a Delta/Zorro pup.

Hi Sandi,Annie is doing very well! What a good little dog. She thrives in our chaos with the four kids and eagerly goes everywhere with us! Annie enjoys camping, boating, hiking, running, fetching, playing on the beach and licking those she loves! She has even given swimming a try a handful of times and could become quite the water dog. Annie points, I am not always sure what she is pointing at, but she points! We think that she is extremely smart:) Her most resent trick is to shake hands (paw). If she has something in her mouth that she should not have, and we say "Annie stop" she drops it instantly. Our 1 1/2 year old wakes up every morning and asks to go downstairs to see Annie. It is mutual admiration because Annie sits under her highchair and waits for the falling food:) From the get go she knew to be careful with the kids and we love her. Annie is a great member of the family. We have been very happy with our puppy and know that it is largely due to the great care and attention you give as a breeder. Thanks for everything!The NelsonsSomething I forgot to mention is that Annie is just under 18lbs. Perfect size for our family! We are curious to know how big her littermates are. Have you heard? Annie has a few limbs left of her mommy toy:) She has resently become more brown around her snout...cute! She sheds very little, in fact when I sweep I often find more of my hair than hers! 

Chloe is a miniature, F1 with a wavy hair coat. She is a Delta/Zorro pup.

Sandi...Hope you are catching up since the birth of your new litter.. I am enclosing the information on Chloe's spaying and a couple of pictures.. We are thrilled with her and she is very smart and easy to train. Your careful attention to detail during those first few weeks certainly shows. She is very social, loving and so much fun. She is a great traveler and loves to go. We are looking forward to taking her to Arizona this winter. Keep up the good work!!! Your hard work and dedication show up in the product that you have..Can't wait to see the new babies pics....just glad I don't have to pick one. Glad that Chloe chose me......Fran 

Phoebe is a fleece-coated F1B. She is a Ryobi/Fonzi pup.

Sandi~Hello from Idaho! I've been meaning to give you an update on our (not so little) Phoebe and haven't gotten a chance until now. She is absolutely a dream and I know I have you to thank for that. When we requested a furry, not too curly, apricot colored puppy that would be a huge cuddler, that's exactly what we got! She has been a great addition to the family and we can't imagine life without her. She adores our boys, has a great time with our lab, Dudley, and she has completely stolen my heart!Thank you so much for giving us such a sweet little girl!!Thanks again,Jennika

Sheeba is a wool-coated F1B. She is a Ryobi/Fonzi pup.

Just an update on our adorable Sheeba. She is such a loveable doll and sweetheart, we adore and love her so much as the newest member of our family. We realized that Sheeba is already a year old on the 7th of this month. Time as flown by and it just doesn't seem possible that we've had her close to a year now, which will be the 1st week of December.Sheeba was very easy to potty train, with just about 4 accidents in the house. By the 3rd week of having her, she was going outside all the time. I was concerned about getting a puppy during Christmas time with all the decorations and Christmas tree. To my complete surprise, she was so good about not getting into things. Even if her ball rolled under the tree, she would gingerly retrieve her ball to our dismay.She has learned the standard commands and obeys them, most of the time. Which includes, sit, stay, lay and fetch. Although, on the fetch we don't even have to say any command on that one, it's her all time favorite thing to do. It's funny watching her because when she retrieves the ball back to us, you can see her inner struggle. Give the ball back so she can run to retrieve it or to hold onto to her favorite toy to chew on it for awhile. She has learned her boundaries and stays with them. We live on 10 acres and when she spots a deer, she'll chase them until she reaches the front part of our property. Which eases my mind, because I was concerned she may wander off into parts unknown. She is extremely observant of her home and yard. At night, she'll look out the patio door and if she see's anything out of place, she'll let us know with a bark and come running to us. When, we investigate we realize we may of forgotten to put away the tractor, lawn mower or garden wagon. She's funny that way, she didn't remember that being there before.She loves to play with her little sister Sassy (Pomeranian) and her kitty cat Arlo. Every morning when we let Sheeba outside she will greet Arlo with a nuzzling of noses and then she'll give him a few wet kisses. After a few minutes, Arlo has had enough of this bonding and then the games begin: running and chasing. She is great around people and loves it when we have company. Her only behavioral problem is her over zealous greeting, she loves to try to jump and hug everyone. We're still working on that one and hope one day to get her to stop. Other than that, she is absolute perfection!Sheeba was originally apricot in coloring, but now her coat is a creamy white. I take her to the groomers every 2-3 wks, due to the fact that her coat is so curly tight. The groomers said that maybe around 18 months it might be more manageable with all the puppy hair gone. We've kept it short this spring and summer to help manage and help with the heat. At the moment, we are growing it out for winter and are anxious for her long hair to be grown once again.Sheeba has become such a big and wonderful part of our family. We lost our beloved huskey of 15 yrs old on 9-11-08, he lived a good life but it was still hard to say goodbye to him. My husband at first didn't want another dog because it was extremely hard saying goodbye to a loyal family pet who had been his companion while outside, his constant shadow. Then, I retired this year and dreamed of having a Labradoodle as a gift. My wonderful family granted my wish with Sheeba. Even, though she was a gift for me, life has a funny way of doing things at times.Every morning Sheeba watches "Dad" leave for work out the front windows until she no longer see's him. Then, every evening she awaits his return by the patio door. She loves being outside with "Dad" and keeps close by. Sheeba is such a joy and pleasure to have in our family, but even more important. My gift has now become a wonderful gift for my husband. A loyal and constant companion, Sheeba has now become his shadow while he is working outside...a new beginning from a loveable Labradoodle called Sheeba.Thank-you Sandi for letting us bring Sheeba into our home~Happy Labradoodle owners

Cosmo and Lilly are miniature hair-coated F1s (littermates) out of Delta and Zorro.

We love the pups a bunch! They have been an amazing and sweet addition to our family. Lily is definitely the fun party girl & Cosmo is the cuddly pleaser. Their Halloween costumes this year: Lily=Bumblebee & Cosmo=Turtle. The kidos picked them out all on their own, said they matched their personalities! We really appreciated the opportunity to work with Labradoodledoo, and the amazing great start you gave both of our loving labradoodles! The kidos visit your website often, attempting to talk us into just one more puppy Yikes J! We will be referring families that love labradoodles your way!! Thanks, again, for our two labradoodle family members: Cosmo & Lily!Jen

Ursa is a wool-coated, F1B.
She is a Ryobi/Fonzi Puppy.

Hi Sandi!
We just wanted to let you know the trip went really well. She was a complete angel. We took her outside as soon as we got home and she "did her business" - no problem! She's loves her new backyard. We've just left the backdoor open and she has reliably (so far!) gone outside to pee and poop. I got a crate for her and she slept in it last night right by the bed. She whimpered a little once and I told her "it's ok". She went right back to sleep and slept through the night. Best dog EVER! :) Martha

Hi Sandi!
Happy Holidays!! Bailey (aka "Ursa") was spayed on November 5th. I'll put a copy of the paperwork in the mail to you today. Bailey is the sweetest dog ever. My vet says she's never seen a mellower puppy. I'm attaching a picture from about a month ago. 


Hubble is a wool-coated, F1B. He is a Ryobi/Fonzi pup.

My Hubble, who is the coolest dog I have ever owned, was neutered on October 30.Hubble is most amazing - incredibly smart, very playful in a sly sort of way, and totally fun for me. It snowed over a foot last night/early this morning so I'll attach a picture or two of him. He lets me shave him with the clippers which is totally cool and loves getting into the shower. He has that independent nature so can entertain himself, which is really nice. He sort of looks like Benjamin Franklin with his current haircut, don't you think?So take care - don't stress, and know that I feel I got an exceptional dog. Marilee

Max is an F1 medium pup out of Delta and Zorro. He has a hair/fleece combination coat.

Hi Sandi!I keep meaning to email and tell you what a wonderful, smart and fun dog Max is. We absolutely adore him and the feeling is mutual. Yep, he's all neutered and I picked up the verification paper from the vet. In fact, I'll mail it today, so I don't forget.That socializing routine you did from birth really works. He's so friendly to everyone and people stop us everywhere on the street to love him up and tell us how cute he is. We hear "Hi Max" wherever we walk around town now. Our condo is right about the main street and the main street is right along Lake Washington - so great a great walking boulevard with parks too. He so smart, healthy, happy - a well-adjusted sweet little guy, and loves to play, walk, run in the parks(we have lots in Kirkland), and he's got lots of other dogs he enjoys almost nightly at a big park right after work. He's a super runner and ball retriever and loves to show off how fast he is and how well he can corner. He's the hit of our condominium (maybe 25 dogs live here) and everyone has enjoyed watching Max grow and run around the big courtyard chasing balls. With so many lake parks, he now swims some and has loved to splash and cool off on the hot days with the little kids. He's calm as he walks the town, Farmer's Markets and enjoys popping in the downtown pet store for a treat. He has let us know, almost from the start, when he needs to go out, and if he feels he doesn't have time to wait for the elevator(we're on the 3rd floor), he turns the corner to the stairs and runs down at full speed!! We work out of our condo, and I think he considers our apt. his "whole" comfortable den and so the crate really isn't his thing, as you suspected would be the case. We are able to leave him for a few hours just fine not in it now, and he sleeps in it rarely, but usually. He's had to board overnight a couple of times and a nice place where the owners apt is upstairs. He could play all day and at night, the place had an open pet sleeping loft with the owner and her daughter. He did really well and everyone loved him and came out to tell us what a great dog he is. Not sure what to do when we take him on a trip and need to leave him in a unfamiliar room for a couple of hours? Crate may be best for that? Any suggestions are most welcome!!I've been wondering how that adorable little baby girl is doing. She was so bitty when we picked up Max. You've got one busy household and the time must be flying for you as well. I hope all is good for you and your family and I'll bet you are happy that the kids will be back in school now.Cheers! I'll send more pictures soon. Take care... and you raise the most awesome pups!!Pat and Doug

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Brewster is fleece-coated F1B, large standard, Ryobi/Fonzi pup.

Hi Sandi,Well, today we celebrated Brewster's second Birthday! We started off the morning with a quick visit with out of town friends, then a trip to the Vet's for a weigh-in (my requested "big Labradoodle" weighs 78.5 pounds). Next came breakfast at Starbuck's, Brewster loves to sit on their deck and meet the tourists. Then he came to my shop and helped with the morning opening. Dog walker, Tracie, added him to her pack and off they went to tour downtown Ashland.But the best part of the day was when I returned home and he greeted me with his Tiger in his mouth. This was the stuffed toy that you sent with Mommy Ryobi smells when I picked him up!!!! Can you believe that he still loves that toy?!?I really want to thank you for being such a great breeder. Brewster has been everything I wanted: I big, mellow, fluffy dog who is so comfortable in social situations. Cassidy, my granddaughter, loves to bring him out to dinner at any of the dog friendly restaurants here in Ashland. He's been the well mannered boy, welcome at many establishments since early on. Such a delight!Thanks again,Sandi

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