Welcome to Labradoodledoo

We are located among the beautiful farmland of Oregon (45 minutes sw of Portland), with room to run and play on our forested 22 acres. We "family raise" our dogs and puppies, specializing in breeding healthy labradoodles with a mellow temperament for service, therapy dogs and family pets.-We feed our dogs only high quality dog food, Health is my utmost concern and I strive to feed as high quality and natural as possible (for mom and puppies). - Puppies are raised with daily love, interaction, handling, and LOTS of hugs by both children and adults! They will be familiar with the regular noises around the house and yard (i.e. children playing, vacuum, phone ringing, lawn mowing, etc.).-Dog/puppy bed is in our house and kept exceptionally clean so puppies learn to go potty outside, not on their beds!! The pups are kept in a special inside pup house/outdoor puppy yard (there is a doggie door between the indoor and outdoor sections). -We start potty training long before they get to their new home and usually starts using a doggy door at about 4 weeks of age. The pup will not be housetrained at 8 weeks, but I like to give them a good start.