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coats, colors and sizes

Labradoodledoo's coats, colors and sizes

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Coats, Colors and Sizes

The F1 labradoodle is 50% poodle and 50% Labrador Retriever. These dogs usually have mild to non-shedding coats which may range from a shaggy, "Bengi"-like coat to a loose curl. There is a small chance that it may inherit more of the lab coat and be a moderately shedding dog. I breed my labs with poodles that have very tight curling coats to decrease this chance of shedding. It is a gamble who will receive the non-shedding coat in the F1 generation. You won't know for sure until the dog matures at approximately 1 year of age.
The F1 labradoodle is a great dog for families who want the Lab temperament with less shedding! The F1 labradoodle will exhibit higher intelligence than the Lab but should keep the happy, outgoing, want-to-please Labrador qualities. 
The F1B labradoodle is 75% Poodle and 25% Labrador Retriever. The F1B is generally non-shedding and will have more of a sheepdog type appearance. The coats will be wavy to curly with a fleece or wool texture. The F1B coat requires more up-keep than the F1. These dogs are better for families with allergies, that still love the laid-back lab. There are never any guarantees that the F1B will work for every individual with allergies however the success rate is extremely high!


There are three types of coats that the labradoodle may have.
Wool - curlier like a poodle, generally non-shedding, usually the best for those with allergies. Requires some maintenance daily if kept long, to prevent matting.
Fleece - curly or wavy longer fur that is soft to the touch. May have light shedding. Tends to be allergy-friendly. Requires weekly maintenance during puppy to adult transition time and perhaps as an adult.
Hair - more like a Labrador coat (shaggy-looking). May or may not shed, the least certain for allergy sufferers. Requires little maintenance (grooming/haircut 1-2 times a year). See picture of the chocolate labradoodle on the top right of this page


The labradoodle comes in many colors; Chalk, Cream, Apricot/Cream, Gold, Red, Chocolate, Café, Black, Silver, Blue (a Black recessive), Parti (more than one color with 50% or more white/cream base), Phantom (doberman-like markings, usually black base with brown markings) and mismarked (mostly solid color, with a small area of another color-usually white).


The labradoodle comes in three sizes. Weights vary with the males being on the larger end of the range given. (2007 ALAA Standards)
Standards - 21 to 24 inches, 50-65 lbs
Mediums - 17 to 20 inches, 30-45 lbs
Miniatures - 14 to 16- inches, 15-25 lbs


Here are 2 pictures of two different standard-sized,
chocolate,F1 labradoodle


T-Bella Our Dogs.JPG

Here are 2 pictures of two different standard-sized, cream,
F1B labradoodle


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