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The Difference in a Labradoodledoo Labradoodle?

Why a Labradoodle?

I love Labrador Retrievers! (I know what you're saying right now, "What?!?!?, Is there a typo?! Do I have the wrong web site?!") Yes, I love Labrador Retrievers. They have a wonderful laid back temperament and an intense desire to please their owners. They are amazingly gentle and protective with children. Who would want anything other that a wonderful, lovable lab? I owned labs, I bred labs; and as I grew older, I developed an ALLERGY to labs :( My labs had to become outside dogs. This is not so bad for the dogs; they love to play with each other in the woods (We have 22 acres here in Oregon for them to play in). The dogs were happy, they chased gophers and snakes. The boys were happy, they chased snakes and dogs; but I missed having an inside family dog and I missed having puppies. 

Years ago, I took a break from raising labs and instead, raised boys (five of them!) They are not fully raised yet, but we're getting there. When my middle son was 1, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Cole is frequently in a wheelchair or rolling around playing on the floor of the house. He loves dogs, but cannot spend as much time outside with them as the other boys do. I would watch his eyes light up as he played with my parent's lab (which was inside at my parent's house in California). 

I remembered back to my childhood. As a little girl, we had a cockapoo (half cocker and half poodle), but......I love labs. This gave me an idea though; can a lab be mixed with a poodle? I looked this up on the internet and found myself laughing when I discovered that there is such a mix and they are called labradoodles. They were originally bred in Australia as a service dog for a blind woman with family allergies! Wow, that's great! A companion dog for my son, with the laid-back lovable lab temperament and the non-shedding intelligent poodle! You can't get any better than that; and I don't have to be miserable! 

I then began my search for our dog. I knew enough about dog breeding, that I was aware of what health issues to be wary of. I looked for hip certification and clear eyes. I checked blood lines. I wanted an AKC lab mixed with an AKC poodle. I wanted a healthy dog and it had to be mellow. I know from experience, that a lab, even though wonderful, can be incredibly active and chew the legs off a picnic table, destroy rose bushes and be absolutely possessed with the desire to chase a flying stick (they are bred to retrieve an object when thrown). This makes for a wonderful hunting dog, but not a wonderful family pet. I assumed that since you can get hyper labs and find high-strung poodles; If you mix these two together you could get a high-strung, hyper mix (that doesn't sound very appealing) I needed a dog that could gently play with my son and to be sensitive and patient with him on the floor.

When I met Ryobi's poodle mother in the spring of 2004, I almost cried. She paid little attention to the active boys that were looking at her puppy and came and sat next to Cole, who clumsily petted her head. I then inquired of the lab father. He was AKC and incredibly mellow also. The poodle's owner informed me that the lab owners would not allow their lab stud to be bred with a hyper female; they would simply turn them away. After a year + of looking for just the perfect mellow, F1 labradoodle, I had found my puppy! We named her Ryobi. 

I love Labradoodles!

Why Labradoodledoo?


We are located among the beautiful farmland of Oregon (45 minutes sw of Portland), with room to run and play on our forested 22 acres. We "family raise" our dogs and puppies, specializing in breeding healthy labradoodles with a mellow temperament for service, therapy dogs and family pets.-We feed our dogs only high quality dog food, Health is my utmost concern and I strive to feed as high quality and natural as possible (for mom and puppies). - Puppies are raised with daily love, interaction, handling, and LOTS of hugs by both children and adults! They will be familiar with the regular noises around the house and yard (i.e. children playing, vacuum, phone ringing, lawn mowing, etc.).-Dog/puppy bed is in our house and kept exceptionally clean so puppies learn to go potty outside, not on their beds!! The pups are kept in a special inside pup house/outdoor puppy yard (there is a doggie door between the indoor and outdoor sections). -We start potty training long before they get to their new home and usually starts using a doggy door at about 4 weeks of age. The pup will not be housetrained at 8 weeks, but I like to give them a good start.- All puppies will be microchipped, have first shots and wormed if needed.- Puppies have valid ALAA paperwork (given to buyer after breeder receives proof of spay/neuter)- Each puppy will go to its new home with a "stinky" stuffed toy (smells like mom) and more than a weeks worth of high quality puppy food.- We only breed for the enjoyment of the puppies and to further promote Labradoodles that are of excellent health and temperament.- Our adult dogs are checked and certified; all have scored well on their hips, have passed OFA or CERF eye certification test and DNA genetic testing.It takes more than a Lab and a Poodle to create a Labradoodle with the temperament, health, and fantastic disposition that you would want in a family dog. Don't be taken by the too good to be true deals that seem to be out there. Dogs that are cheap are cheap for a reason. All Labradoodles are not created equal. It is important to do your home work and make sure that you are getting what you think you are getting and what you paid for. It takes a great deal of time and money to raise healthy, happy Labradoodles. I put an incredible amount of time, effort and a lot of love into my puppies. It really is a lot of work raising them like this, but I love it! My commitment to you is to work the hardest I can to provide you with the best possible puppy!! I stand behind my puppies 100%!!

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