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Ya Wanna Wookie?

Current Litters

Lula/Fuber litter is planned to be bred this month. Applications are OPEN.

Future Litters

Due to a wedding in the family, we will pause breeding after the Lula/Furber litter until the fall/winter of 2022. 

Follow us for updates on our social media pages:

Facebook: Labradoodledoo

Instagram: labradoodledoo_doodles

About Us

We are located among the beautiful farmland of Oregon (45 minutes SW of Portland) with room to run and play on our forested 22 acres. We "family raise" our dogs and puppies, specializing in breeding healthy labradoodles with a mellow temperament for service dogs, therapy dogs, and family pets. We feed our dogs only high-quality dog food. Health is our utmost concern, and we strive to feed as high quality and natural as possible (for mom and puppies). Puppies are raised with daily love, interaction, handling, and LOTS of hugs by both children and adults!

Labradoodledoo Silver Paw 2021.png
Labradoodledoo ALAA LOGO 2021.png
WALA Labradoodledoo_Accredited Star 2020
WALA Labradoodledoo_Logo 2020-2021.png
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