*ALAA registered
-Doggy door trained by 8 weeks.
-2 year health/genetic guarantee-see "Puppy Contract"
-bred for wonderful temperament and excellent health!
-standard and medium F1,F1B and multigen.
-low/no shedding
-age appropriate vaccinations
-"mommy" toy
(stuffed toy with the actual "odor-de-mommy" smell on it)
-sold on spay/neuter contract
*beware of puppies that are being sold at a very low prices!
Many labradodle puppies are being poorly bred,(breeding
dogs without proper testing),no registration papers,
or puppy mills with mistreated puppies :(
You get what you pay for!
Father of litter
Charlie is wonderful. He is incredibly smart, confident, athletic, easy to train and loves everyone. Charlie's full brother, Pickles is a professionally trained service dog through Canine Angels.
Click here for more information on being a Guardian home
Mother of litter
Wensleydale is the sweetest dog ever! She is attentive, gentle and extremely patient with children.She has a low-maintainance, shed-free coat. Wensleydale has many service dogs in her lines.
Father of litter
What a complete cuddle bug! Lillo is sweet, gentle, quiet, and is currently being trained as a therapy dog for children.
Hopeful litters for spring 2018:)
We have 2 litters planned for March/April that should be ready for new homes in May/June.
Mother of litter
Z-Dogg iss absolutely amazing! Not only is she beautiful, she has an incredible, mellow, gentle temperament and is wonderful with children. She has many service dogs in her lines.
Father of litter
Intruducing our new boy, Annabelle's Fürfürvergnügen! Furber is is fur-covered sweetness, loves children, loves to be cuddled in your lap and is just slightly...goofy :).

Furber is "a very manly Muppet".
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Last up-date on 12-10-2017
*Bonus picture*
Oobleck (Payton-Charlie puppy-8 1/2 weeks old)
with her newborn nephew,
Zerbert (Z-Dogg-Furber puppy- 2 days old).
We are planning 2 amazing litters for spring/early summer 2018 (see below).
*this will be Payton and Charlie's final litter*
Click here for letters of referral from families that have purchased Labradoodledoo puppies!!
Payton/Charlie puppies are absolutely amazing. Sizes should have a wide range of sizes (28-40 lbs). Colors should include cream, chocolate, black, parti and phantom. temperaments for great service and therapy dogs. Athletic, calm and confident.
Both Wensleydale and Lillo come from long lines of service and therapy dog with spectacular gentle, mellow temperaments. We are so excited for this litter :). Standard size puppies (35-45 lbs.) in cream, apricot and red colors.
More Z-Dogg/Fuber puppies in late 2018 ??